Ecclestone Delph

Delph Watersports Centre is a former stone and slate quarry, in a natural beauty spot in Lancashire, UK. In 2000, it was redeveloped into a diving venue and is now filled with fresh, clear water from the natural spring and has a host of underwater attractions for scuba divers to train on.

Read more about the history of The Delph on their website.

The site is now a scuba diving training centre and offers facilities including changing rooms, dive shop, kit hire and servicing, gas refills and a great on-site cafe to refill on your surface intervals.


The Delph has numerous underwater attractions, such as specific training areas for practising skills, boat, aeroplane, and armoured vehicle sunken wrecks to train on. As well this there are plenty of fish and marine life to see while you dive.

Open water swimming

The Delph Watersports Centre, has full watersports facilities including an open water swimming club and triathlon training events. Neil Thompson offers full open water swim coaching services at The Delph.

Cycling and triathlon training

The Delph is situation in the heart of Lancashire, perfect for combining cycling with your open water swim training. The facility also caters for cyclists and triathlon training with clubs and events.

Severntec at The Delph

Severntec can run RAID scuba diving courses from Ecclestone Delph including Scuba Diver, Junior Open Water Diver, Open Water 20, Advanced 35 (training dives only), Master Rescue, Performance Diver, and many RAID speciality courses such as Sidemount Diver, Nitrox, Night and Limited Visibility, Drysuit, Navigation, and Wreck diver.

We can offer Sidemount and Twinset try days at The Delph to show you new dive kit configurations and techniques. 

The Severntec team also run weekend trips  with club members to practice skills, dive leading, top up our training, and have social dives.

Dive with us

Contact us to join the team on a dive at Ecclestone Delph, book on to a course, or have a consultation with us about a bespoke training package.


Capernwray Diving Centre

The Delph Watersports Centre

Severntec at The Delph

An epic video of The Delph Watersports Centre, by our friend Scott Evans. View and subscribe to his scuba diving videography on YouTube.

Severntec open water training at the Delph

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