On 17th April 2021, at Eccy Delph, Jack Sankey became RAID’s newest Performance Diver.


Instructor Kevin Murphy said:
“What an amazing day! Jack Sankey has completed RAID’s Performance Diver at the young age of 15.
“Possibly one of the youngest to complete this programme, Jack is not only one of our youngest members, but now our Severntec Seal Team Leader.
“Well done mate…hard work pays off”

Jack’s diving career began in 2014 on holiday in Egypt when his Dad, already a scuba diver, mentioned trying diving. He was only 8 years old so did a Bubble Maker course, and loved it!

In March 2020 Jack, his Dad, and stepbrother Kai joined Severntec Diving in Shropshire, UK.

Jack crossed over to RAID and completed his Junior Open Water Diver, Explorer 30, and then his Performance Diver course.

What is “Performance Diver”?

The Performance Diver course is unique in the dive industry. It is designed to make you a better diver in almost any situation. The skills that you will learn in this course have been designed by some of the most respected divers in the world. Not only will this course make you a safer diver, prepare you for other RAID courses, but it will provide a range of skills you will use on every dive.

No matter how well you dive now, Performance Diver will make you even better.

If you’re a new diver, we will teach you skills that will help you in every course you do and on every dive. If you already have good in water skills by the time you have finished, you will have great skills.


Enquire now to book on to a Performance Diver course with Severntec Diving.

Jack Sankey is RAID’s newest, and possibly youngest, Performance Diver.

Well done Jack!

Jack, congratulations on becoming our newest Performance Diver, and the Severntec Seals team leader.

We look forward to taking you on to be a Divemaster with us, and so much more…