Robbie Mills

Robbie is a Divemaster with Severntec Diving

I started diving like all good men, after a holiday row with the ex. I ended up outside a dive shop and thought “well, 4 days underwater would be fun”. That was 2002.

From that point on I never looked back, by 2005 I was a Divemaster and was happy being just that. I dived for pleasure and enjoyed diving in UK, Malta, Turkey & even Kenya – which was epic!

Between 2009-2015 the pleasure diving continued until I decided it was time to bite the bullet. After some prep work in the UK with a local centre, we packed up and moved with the Mrs & the cat out to Malta full-time. I got my IDC complete and dived as an Instructor out there, loving life!

I moved back to the UK and met up with the team from Severntec and Kevin. Great bunch of divers, all aiming for the parts of diving they love.

I enjoy Sidemount diving and rusty metal! That’s my thing, wrecks big or small – I think it’s great to approach a wreck and it grow as you get closer until you’re there with it in all its glory.

Robbie is also the resident DJ at the dive centre.

So enough waffle…“Hello, I’m Robbie, nice to meet you. Let’s go diving…”