13 simple hacks to help you teach a better scuba class

Originally premiered May 13, 2020.

Thirteen simple hacks to help you teach a better scuba class. Becoming a dive pro can be nerve-wracking enough however it’s nothing to the terror that you can encounter when you are faced with a real life group of students, all looking at you and your brain has turned to mush…….

This is a baker’s dozen of simple tips and tricks that I accumulated over 15 years as a dive professional that might make your life a little easier, your classes a little slicker and your students confident in you as dive educator and leader.

Whether you are a new instructor, a trainee divemaster or seasoned technical instructor there will be at least one tip here you can take away and use.

James has been certified as a diver since 2000 and as a PADI instructor since 2002. He has worked as a fulltime resort dive instructor from 2003 until 2009 in Cyprus, Grand Cayman, The British Virgin Islands and finally Utila, Honduras as an IDC Staff instructor.

He retrained as a GUE instructor in 2009 and is also qualified with GUE as both a full cave and hypoxic trimix diver and most recently on a GUE JJ CCR. This journey has included training with some of the world’s leading explorers and educators.

James is taking a hiatus from teaching to focus his spare time on further participation in dive projects including Project Baseline Sardinia. He has previously worked in several technology-based sales and marketing roles including a period for large dive retailer. He is currently the UK dive sales manager for Aqua Lung based in Lancashire.